Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week that Has Been

I have busy the past week and the last few days, I was so sick I was like a floating zombie, sliding from one place to another. I have to admit being sick has taken away all the energy in me. Add that to full-time working, I come home everyday and just crash and die in bed.

I spent the week coming home from work at about 5pm everyday, make a cup of hot drink, change into warm and comfortable clothes and read/reply to emails. Make dinner at 6.00pm, eat dinner at 6.30pm, and watch TV snuggled up in my blanket at 7.00pm, sniffling away. A big mug of hot chocolate while watching TV and talk to Mr Crush until about 9.30pm and die in bed.

That was my routine from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, I finished work at 3.30pm and caught the train into the city. Was meant to meet Mr Crush at 5.00pm in the mall but when I arrived at the Central station, right outside the gate beaming in his perfect smile was Mr Crush! He finished class early and decided to come give me a surprise, so holding a bag of salty liquorice (effing disgusting thing!) he camped outside the gate since 3.50pm (I arrived at 4.00pm).

His family background is Dutch and he lived in northern Europe for a while after high school - that explains his love for salty liquorice - I don't understand why would people eat that. He took 5 mins to convince me to put that nasty thing in my mouth, and not wanting to cross the road until I ate it! Embarrassing..... so I had to eat that disgusting thing.. and I chewed it but it took forever to melt!

I was still sick so we went to this really cool cafe with big leather couch to have a big mug of hot chocolate. He bought me a big chocolate muffin, which we went halves but I couldn't taste anything! At 5.00pm we took the bus to his house. I collapsed on the couch, and he got me pillows and blankets, made me tea, lit the candles and played a DVD.

We made pizza for dinner and had a food fight while we're at it. We ate, had ice-cream and drank hot chocolate again while we finish the movie. We then danced and sang to Glee soundtracks before he dropped me off at a cocktail bar for my friend's birthday drinks at 9.00pm.

I entered the bar and at the table, a girl at the end of the table gave me the biggest wave and went, "AARON!" I gave her the biggest smile and said, "HEY!"... but I don't know who she was until my friend told me. I don't think we've been introduced but I know she attended at least two events I spoke at. Awkward. Then as I sat down, a guy right in front of me gave me a familiar smile, extended his hand and went, "Aaron, long time no see, mate! How you been?" and umm... I don't remember him at all? Until now, I have no recollection of having met him but he knows my name, know where I work and what I do, so clearly we've spoken before. Awkward x2.

After finishing my drink, my sickness was killing me, so I excused myself at 9.50pm, feeling like an ultimate party pooper and went home.

I'm feeling a tad better but I still have a slight runny nose. Not fun.


JC said...

Sorry to hear that you have been ill. I often forget you guys are in the middle of winter. Winter is always the worst time of year around here for illnesses.

Just continue to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluid (the hot chocolates sound awesome), and get well soon.

Despite being sick, it sure sounds as though you had a great time with Mr. Crush. I hope that whatever you two have will work out and continue.

Take care, my friend.

MartininBroda said...

What a strange story, at least you weren't alone (seems so to me) good luck for your life Aaron, I can only make superficial wishes here, sorry :-)

Dean Grey said...


How does Mr. Crush's boyfriend feel about all of this?

Hope you feel better soon!


Taylor said...

"He took 5 mins to convince me to put that nasty thing in my mouth" :)

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