Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Would You Do?

Many months ago, I got to know a blogger rather well. We chatted everyday, morning and night, many times for many hours. After a few weeks, we exchanged photos of how we look like, exchanged stories about our lives and opened up about each other.

We shared a bond and we shared a trust. A trust.

Or so I thought.

The blogger went MIA for a while and while he was gone, I did a bit of digging and research and later found out that half of the things he told me was false. I was in shock, and in fact, I knew this was going to happen one day after having this discussion with a few bloggers before. However, nothing can prepare you for the shock when you found out about the lies from a blogger you highly respected and you thought was a friend.

I didn't tell anyone, and spent a few days digesting the fact.

However, it also worries me that many teens follow this blogger - he has quite a large following and people do worship him. What worries even more is that this blogger just recently made a come back and as much as I'd like to let this go, a part of me feel disturbed and uncomfortable with the fact that I know some of the truth behind the lies, yet I am not doing anything but watching this throngs of people throwing themselves at him.

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Not sure what to tell you

I mean I know of a blogger who turned out to not be what he claimed but looks like the guy you know is much worse.

Just know that if you all him out by name you may get some backlash from the people but I'm willing to help you including putting a post on my blog too

Phunk Factor said...

I think it's better tht u contact the mentioned blogger and tell him about ur dis-concern!

If he's a nice guy...he just may come clean!! However if he ain't a nice guy and he continues with his 'work'...then dig into a few of his followers!

Surely amongst the entire flock not all must be sheep...n once u hav ur group, start the rebellion! I'm really against blog-wars...however if this person is affecting other ppl's lives with his lies then it's time to nip him in the bud!

Hope your doing great elsewise!

Aek said...

I second what Phunk Factor said. That sounds like sensible advice. While I'm curious as to who this blogger might be, I don't expect you to tell me here (if at all).

john said...

if you have proof, then i say out the fucker!!!

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Aaron

I haven't commented here before, but I've been following your blog for quite a few months.

I'm another one with Phunk Factor, at least up to a point. I would contact the blogger privately, to tell him that you're aware that he lied to you, and ask him to explain why he did so. If he has a good explanation, that's fine. If he admits that he lied, and apologises, that's also fine - though the apology probably ought to appear in the same place as the lies, which I'm guessing is the blog in question. If there is neither explanation nor apology, then I think you should be prepared to go public with the evidence.

Trust is fundamental to what we do here in blog-land: we communicate through such an opaque medium that almost all the normal signals about truth and falsehood are missing, and all we have to go on is what we see written. Therefore, any deliberate act of deception is perhaps more shocking and dangerous than it would be in real life. As a consequence, any attempt to unmask such deception has to be based on some very solid evidence.

I must admit I'm very curious as to the identity of the blogger, but if I'm to be consistent with what I've already said, I can't expect you to tell me.

Take care


JC said...

This really is a sticky situation.

First, knowing that your heart is in the right place, it is apparent you worry about the teens who are following this blogger. I believe it is important to make sure our younger bloggers are protected from anything shady.

I am in line with everyone else. I think you need to contact this blogger and let him know you have discovered his deceit. This also lets him know you are keeping an eye on him. Just that knowledge that he is being watched may be enough to make him stop.

I also think if you happen to see a follower of his beginning to get close to him, you have the right to contact that follower and warn him. Again, it's all about protecting each other.

I will leave with this careful in whatever choices you make.

Ron said...

Expose him.

Anonymous said...

usaully i am not a follower and march to my own drum so when i say Phunk is right (which i need to go read his blog i am so far behind) sorry phunk

just make sure you are right and all the facts are in place because as he said there may be some whip lash and blog wars kinda suck but i respect you as a blogger so i respect your opinion you havent given me any reason that i would think you would be lying about said person

of course said person could and probly will fire back so you will have to be ready for that...alli can say is have your facts dont use opinions like i did then i met the blogger and omg i regretted it cause he is a awesome guy Love<~Peter~>

Dean Grey said...


Why would other bloggers be throwing themselves at him? What's so special about this person I wonder.

If you think this blogger's lies are jeopardizing other bloggers, especially naive teens, you should take some kind of action.

I agree with the majority here. Contact this person privately first. If nothing comes from it, perhaps contact Blogger (the actual site) directly and see what they say?

I'd like to know who this is!


Mind Of Mine said...

The perils of the Internet I am afraid.

Are people in any real jeopardy reading the blog. There are fictional blogs out there that read exactly as if they are true life. What is the real difference?

Unless this person is actually placing people in real danger, I would just mark this down to experience.

Biki said...

If you feel that he is praying on the younger teens in blogland, and possibly getting things out of them due to his falsehoods. Then expose him. Don't warn him, just open the curtain on his selfish acts of lies and deceptions.

A while ago there was blogger who straight up stalked the younger teens, and i know of a few who were chased off blogland because they couldn't deal with this adult.

Anonymous said...

I got emailed a list of names to watch out for recently its scarey when you recieve something like that just because this is our place to be safe and its like oh wow wtf your taking my safety away Love<~Peter~>

Dean Grey said...

I confess. Aaron is talking about me!

I've secretly been lying to everyone all this time.

My real name is Roberta.

I'm a 300-pound, silver-haired woman in her late 60's.

After my third husband left me I became despondent. All of my nine children (who are all named Bobbi-Jo) were grown and lived far away.

And after my many cats died suddenly I was then all alone.

While surfing the internet one day for coupons to Lane Bryant, I discovered the blogging community.

I read about all of your interesting lives and grew jealous and spiteful. So I concocted a fake blog and have been deceiving everyone ever since!

It feels deliciously sweet bamboozling all of you pathetic souls!

First I infiltrated the blogosphere, next I conquer the free world!!

Bwah ha ha ha!!!


P.S.: Sorry Aaron, I couldn't resist! I thought we could use a little something to lighten the mood!


Anonymous said...

Lol dean very lightening i wish aaron would post agian soon but oh well thanks for the post dean Love<~Peter~>

MartininBroda said...

@ Aaron this is sad and it's hard to say something about it @ Dean something similar happened, so I know the situation (translation in he comments), usually I never link to myself, it will never happen again, forgive me Aaron, but you have to talk with the person good luck

Dean Grey said...


Glad it made you laugh, Peter!

I too am waiting for Aaron to spill the beans already!



I checked out your link and read the translation in your comments section.

I guess that kind of stuff is more common than I thought!



Fickle Cattle said...

I agree with everyone. Although I also know why you are hesitant. It is possible you feel like this guy is still a friend, but if it involves other people who might get hurt, it might be your responsibility to do what is necessary.

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