Sunday, September 5, 2010

Featured Comment 1: Hate Mail

Since I hardly reply to any comments because I find it challenging to keep up and I have a backtrack of emails I am yet to reply to, I decided to have a featured comment at the end of every week instead.

I do read your emails and comments, and I do read almost all the blogs of my commentors - so if you've commented on my blog, I read your blog.

I decided to post one from the week before because its hilarious. After my post on What Would You Do? about a blogger that I found out was lying about several things that he's told me, Dean wrote this as a joke:

I confess. Aaron is talking about me!

I've secretly been lying to everyone all this time.

My real name is Roberta.

I'm a 300-pound, silver-haired woman in her late 60's.

After my third husband left me I became despondent. All of my nine children (who are all named Bobbi-Jo) were grown and lived far away.

And after my many cats died suddenly I was then all alone.

While surfing the internet one day for coupons to Lane Bryant, I discovered the blogging community.

I read about all of your interesting lives and grew jealous and spiteful. So I concocted a fake blog and have been deceiving everyone ever since!

It feels deliciously sweet bamboozling all of you pathetic souls!

First I infiltrated the blogosphere, next I conquer the free world!!

Bwah ha ha ha!!!


P.S.: Sorry Aaron, I couldn't resist! I thought we could use a little something to lighten the mood!

For this week, I had to feature this comment because its the first ever comment criticising me, and I felt that I have to justify myself. The comment came after my post on The Mysterious Blogger. A reader called William wrote:
I am surprise nobody has said anything except continuing this gossip nonsense. First of all, you don't know what the truth is.(you suspected that he'd harm someone. Give me a break!) And I really don't think it's your place to judge. So what if he fabricated, again, it's none of your business. This whole thing sounded really petty, so disappointing coming from you.

William, you really point out a good point and a part that is much needed in the whole situation. I don't know the truth and therefore I had every reason to be worried about the well-being of the young ones. I don't think I am judging, nor am I "gossip"ing, I was merely stating my observations and findings. I didn't mean to create any gossip from my statements. It's my business if I personally had a strong connection with someone and considered that person a friend. Furthermore, when it involves other people that I know of, I have every reason to be worried as well. However, I do agree that its important people don't start making assumptions and adding bits and pieces that's not evidence-based to the whole story though, to avoid any kind of gossip.


Anonymous said...

i am going to say that deans comment was very much needed and the gossip part which i did aska fellow blogger about it so i am guilty of but farther then I know you are a respectable blog so if a member of the blog family who has given me no other reason not to believe him says hey there is some one i am concerned about i will be concerned that young people might get hurt. As you said you based this all on facts and not on opinion if you believe in it love then forget him he just wants his ten second which you now have exteneded Love<~Peter~>

Mind Of Mine said...

I have am completely honest, I agree with the comment you received on Mysterious blogger. How much harm could anyone really be in?

Aaron said...

child pornography.

Jason Shaw said...

I thought we lived in a society of innocent until proven guilty? Not the other way around?

More harm is done by unsubstantiated gossip than ever has by simple truth!

Mind Of Mine said...

Aaron said...

child pornography.

September 5, 2010 10:45 PM


Phunk Factor said...

Dean is most definitely one of the innovative ppl around....his art, his comments, his opinions, his 'hearts'...everything's great!!! Two thumbs up for Dean! :D

I don't believe when u created the post, u hd done so with the intention to gossip! U were merely confused and asked for advice....clearly u hd much admiration for the person so u didn't want to pick at him straight but u were concerned of the effect he was having on his followers!! U simply sent him an email stating so and so....u didn't 'out' him...him deleting his blog...was his own doing...whether he felt guilty or whatever....dunno! Bt u didn't create any i don't think u shud be worried about anything!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how this is considered gossip. Last I checked wondering what to do about someone is called "advice" Not to mention the entire time you kept his privacy but not once revealing his name.

After all this is your blog and last I checked you are allowed to air your opinions on how you feel about people and seeing how you refused to name names I say that's a sign of maturity

Really if this guy was really so innocent as some people claim then he should have talked to Aaron and told him why he wasn't guilty.

And both Arron and the guy could have gone on with their normal lives seeing how we do not know (nor would we if things fixed themselves) who the guy was

Love and Respect,

Aek said...

I have a suspicion who this other blogger is that Aaron mentioned in his posts(not the blogger who left that comment). I'd like to know what really went on and all that, but I accept that I probably won't ever know.

We're all entitled to our masks. And it seems that I can't see the face behind this one. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

ok the hat has been dropped and i have to know that this back up by facts and with the offense being what it is he can be a lot of harm or none at all suducing younger bloggers into taking pics which i would hate to find out is happening but sadly it does arron i am going to advise you right now you are entering dangous water in blogland Love<~Peter~>

p.s. i am unbasised but right now i am for you i do not see you have done anythiong wrong

Daniel Jason Binks said...

You guys are so human.

Anonymous said...

you say that like its a bad thing i would rather not be cow Love<~Peter~>

Dean Grey said...


I don't think you did anything wrong.

You never told us who the Mysterious Blogger was.

You just voiced your concern and asked the rest of us what you should do.

Good for you for sticking up for what you believe is right!

-Dean a.k.a. "Roberta"

Anonymous said...

Is it weird i have fallen in love with hott sexy roberta and not dean? lol jking Love<~Peter~>

p.s. yes i am commenting whoring this post lol

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