Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin

Arrived in Sydney on Thursday morning and the weather was perfect. I went straight into the office where I had a bit of fun poking around at all the staff member and had a bit of catch up with most of them. Friday was spent meeting people after people and then early Saturday morning, I left for Wollongong, a town of 250,000 people about 160 km south of Sydney. 

I was there to present at a conference, but it wasn't a spectacular conference, really. I was going to train straight back to Sydney that night, but was peer-pressured into staying the night, which I did and attended the gala dinner. The dinner was good - had a lot of fun, networked with a few significant individuals and then we headed into the city for a big night out. I did not really drink, but I sure did dance my heart out. 

This really super cute boy also chatted with me all night - he looks really young, but he's 19 and he is a major cutie. We spoke about his past, his present and his hopes and dreams. I really want to mentor this boy because I really do believe that he can do great things.

Anyway, didn't get home until 3.00 am but spent the next day on the beach munching on a big breakfast (with bacon - makes everything better) and a good cup of coffee.

North Beaches - Wollongong 

Got back to Sydney that night and had a night out with Brett and some of our friends. That boy is getting gay-er and gay-er each day, but still awfully cute. Apart from his lame jokes and social skills or lack thereof, it was good to see him again. 

Bronte Beach - Sydney

Spent all day the next day meeting my mentor and just chilling at Bronte Beach with my mates. Got home at midnight last night and off to Stradbroke Island tomorrow at 6.30 am - hopefully that's where my real holidays begin. 

Stradbroke Island

Be jealous! I'll have some good time on behalf of youse. :) 


Anonymous said...

I love reading your social diary and the pictures look amazing - if you really like beaches and stuff.

Winter said...

gorgeous pics! and while i am not a beach fan (cos of skin allergy) it does make me wanna go there to see it for myself :) enjoy yourself aaron!

Daniel Jason Binks said...

mmm coffee
don't forget me!

the immigayrant said...

Gosh. I envy Sydney's weather.

Just when I thought Spring has sprung in the Garden City, the evening temperature dropped back to 6*C.

Every comparison between Sydney and Melbourne (which has the better what) is arguable except for the weather. Hehehe...

bK said...

So jealous! You're always going to conferences and networking. Well, I guess you deserve it for working so hard. :)

Bobby Derrekson said...

your photos are always so goregous! Have fun ;)

Aek said...

I AM quite jealous!! :-P Lucky you.

Dean Grey said...

Jealous indeed!


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