Monday, October 18, 2010

The Boy Who Stared At Me

Some of you might remember, a few weeks ago, I was down in Melbourne and met up with one of Nic's friends. I've never really blogged about what happened when we met and after so here is a story.

If you have read the previous post, you'd know that I actually knew this boy before. His name is Dan. So, the night before I left for Melbourne, Nic IM'ed me and asked me to introduce him some of my friends in Melbourne. I thought that was weird - me introducing my friends to Nic? He later explained that he wants me to introduce my friends to him so that he can hook them up with his friend, Dan. That just got even weirder, since I've never even spoken to this Dan guy. However, I suggested that I could meet up with Dan and after knowing Dan, I can introduce him to some of my friends. I actually had in mind a friend I wanted to introduce him - who is also gay, but now that I know Dan, they are never gonna be together.

Back to the story, I was in a rush packing that night, so I quickly IM'ed Dan - briefly introduced myself and then told him that if he wants, we should meet. I think he got a little nervous, but who would've thought he said ok! However, at the last minute (few hours before), he canceled on me! Later, he gained his balls and decided to meet. :P

We met outside Max Brenner, arguably one of Melbourne's best chocolate place. I thought, "Well, a 17 year old, probably doesn't drink coffee, so chocolate it is". It was also cold on that day, so a warm chocolate is perfect right?

We met, shook hands and went in. I thought he was alright-looking, mega quiet and would never say more than 5 words in one sentence. We sat there for an hour just chatting, or more like me struggling thinking of questions to ask to avoid awkward silences, and him not helping at all by answering two to three words replies.

There were a few silences I have to admit, but they weren't awkward, thankfully. However, throughout the whole conversation, Dan would stare at me. It was freaky. What's even freakier was when I look elsewhere, he would stare at me and when I caught him doing it, he'd pretend and turn somewhere else. This whole freaky staring at me thing went on throughout the hour, which I have to admit, I thought was very weird.

We then went for a walk around Federation Square for an hour before we went separate ways and headed home. We had a "debrief" of the meet that night - making sure that he wasn't overly nervous and that he was fine with it all, which he was.

We then arranged to meet again the next day, this time for coffee after we worked out that we both actually love coffee. I brought him to a cool, grungy little coffee shop neatly tucked away in a laneway right in the middle of the city, but away from the hustle and bustle.

We talked for over 2 hours. This time, he did the whole staring thing again. He opened up a lot more, this time laughing and smiling, and telling jokes. I also dug out all the dirty stories from him. *coughs*

It wasn't until that night when I asked him if he actually has a crush on me, and upon further questioning that he admitted to it. Ha! I thought so. And that explains all the staring!

Since then, we've been chatting almost on a daily basis and he's confessed his love for me more than once. I have to admit that even though I did not have a crush on him at all when I first met him, over time, I do feel responsible for him. If I were asked to not talk to him right now, or care about his happiness and well-being, I won't be able to do it.

This is him making a love sign for another boy, whoever that person is.

Besides, he's 17 and although in certain aspects, he is mature beyond his years, I don't know if I know him well enough - even though he's been telling me everything and anything. I just have so many questions in my head. Having said that, he makes me happy, he can carry a conversation like a 20 year old and he has his cuteness and charm that he knows how to use against me. And he reminds me that he loves me every single day.

I know he's definitely going to read this, and I know he will hate me for posting this, but this is him. He used to make videos, as you can tell.

And if you want more stories, harrass him on Twitter - @Crazy_Boi93.

PS: This was written a week back. I am currently in Melbourne again, and things has changed a lot since then.


Butterflies and hand-grenades said...

He is rather adorable, be careful you don't fall for him in return.

Ethan said...

You are always on the move Aaron and yes he is really cute too

Things changed??? Hope that's a good thing

Phunk Factor said...

Forget you...i think he's going to kill me for saying tht he makes me think of Adam Lambert! :p

Anonymous said...

A highly educated and extremely intelligent professional falling for a 17-year old jail bait. I think he would be super exciting, like making you fall off the bed in the heat of passion. Since you travel very often, you should ask for a private jet plane, a luxury yacht and a Bentley as your dowry.

I expect an invitation to your wedding. I'll RSVP quickly and I promise to behave. I'll only eat the triple-tiered cake and a gallon of ice cream.

Caesar Augustus

Dean Grey said...

I'm jealous, Aaron!

I wish I had someone to fall for and someone to fall for me in return!


Anonymous said...

Aaron, you are a charmer. Always will be, you've still got me.

Anonymous said...

How to be 17 again, no pun intended.

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