Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clench Fist, Tighten Jaw, Deep Breath, March On

After all the events that have happened over the past two nights, I lie here impressed with myself that I am still breathing.

Life has its own ways of biting you when you least expect it to, even when the events are not a consequent of your actions. Three events that left my heart skipping beats, my body melting into the ground and my brain going blank like a wind blowing past sweeping all my thoughts, consciousness and soul with it, leaving me empty.

I'm tired. I am really exhausted.

Update soon.


Aek said...

Well I'm glad you survived. Take a breather!

Anonymous said...

Now that it all over... sit on a chair, throw your leg up in the air, close your eyes and think of the best memory you have ever had. stay that way for a while, nap if you like... things will get back to normal... <(o_o)> ...

Anonymous said...

marching on...that what it's always about <3

with love,

Dean Grey said...

If anyone can persevere, it's you, Aaron!


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