Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two Breaths Short

My life at the moment is like a train traveling at 200 km/hr on a never-ending journey. There is so much to do and so little time.

I've been traveling between Melbourne and Brisbane (that's a 2.5 hours flight) every two weeks the past month, and I'll be in Sydney this Wednesday and two weeks later, I'll be flying to Canberra. This, plus trying to conduct a series of focus groups, analyse my data and write my findings for work, and trying to complete 6 assignments within the next 1.5 weeks.

I've been waking up at 7am everyday, and going to bed past midnight trying to fit as much as I can into my day. It's a challenge trying to do all that, plus trying to socialise and spend time with people close to me, and what makes it even more challenging is trying to understand what people want from me.

It's frustrating, its extremely exhausting and at times, I really do feel like quitting - to jump on a plane and escape to somewhere isolated and far, far away. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming and all I want to do is to fly somewhere where I can start everything all over again and live a life as if I'm not responsible for anyone at all.

But alas, here I am, clenching my fist and grinding my teeth, marching forward as much as I humanely can.

Enough of my indulgence and whinge. Here's hoping everyone is well and happy.


Ethan said...

I'm well and happy

Question is, are you?
B/c if you burn yourself out then it's not going to be worth it in the end.

the immigayrant said...


I feel bad for the meet-up in Melbourne request. Let's just meet if you have the time and energy. Don't feel obliged, okay?

Have a good weekend and rest!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,

As you know, the price of success is being busy and being pulled in many different directions. You had become a leader with your clients seeking your guidance and help to solve their problems or make their projects successful. I'm sure you are well aware that being a leader is lonely. That aspect of leadership has to be accepted and coped with.

Here's what I do to avoid being overwhelmed, restricted, captive, constricted and constipated. I delegate some of the work, i.e., clerical, reasearch, preliminary analysis, etc. I also ask my clients to give me all the relevant information. Working on an incomplete and hazy info is super difficult. Like my client who was losing money despite increased sales. It took a while for him to admit that the big chunk of the allocation of expenses to the various profit centers were from the department of his brother-in-law that was useless and wasteful. I'm sure you will understand why I can't go into details about this.


Caesar Augustus

Aek said...

A while back you "chastised" me for defending all that I did and becoming quickly burnt out as a result. Now I'd like to reflect your comment back at you.

"[I]f you are under overwhelming stress, I don't think you are doing anyone any good. . . . what truly matters is our own wellbeing first."

My sincerest wish right now is for someone to absolve me of all my responsibilities.

Raver4Life said...

Dont ya fucking hate not knowing what people want from you!?

Hope youre well though xoxo

Dean Grey said...

You are one busy bee, Aaron!

You hang in there!


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