Friday, October 29, 2010

We've Got No Place for Intolerance

I am doing a subject on Teaching and Diversity - its a pre-requisite, which means that all pre-service teachers have to do the subject. We learn all about diversity - of race, religion, learning abilities, disabilities, sexuality - in the subject and the one last week was on sexuality, which conveniently was the one that I missed.

I finally caught up with some of my friends today and they told me that during the lecture, after an intense lecture by a guest lecturer who spoke deeply about her experience as a lesbian in a mainstream school - feeling isolated, rejected and discriminated against - a student put up his hand and uttered some nasty comments about LGBT. This student has been known to be controversial but his comments was way overboard.

He is very religious, and he expressed his lack of empathy for LGBT and his belief that our "choice of lifestyle" resulted in the consequences we suffer. He also showed lack of empathy for the recent suicide of gay teens in the United States. The whole class went into chaos, and I am cut I missed the drama, but apparently, one of my good friends, and one of the most gorgeous, gorgeous man you'll ever meet, stood up and asked him to "fuck off, you don't deserve to be in here and its a disgrace you're sitting in this room".

Ha! I was so proud of him after I heard that and sent him a message - and felt very bad that I missed his birthday drinks, even though he only invited 8 of his most special friends. I did not realised that because he is the popular kid at uni, and I thought I was just one of his friends.

Anyway, to feed your LGBT advocacy, here are some videos you need to watch if you haven't already.

Kids, things are improving and give it another 10 - 25 years, the society will have very very very tiny place for intolerance. Like nasty diseases, we wouldn't be able to completely rid it, but it'll be something that everyone loathe. Hang in there. :)


Jason said...

Nice post and kudos for your friend for standing up and saying that.

It get's better, it really does.

Phunk Factor said...

Woohoo......way to go!! :D

Hahaha..lately ur blog has become my happy place! ;)

Raver4Life said...

HA! I love your friend! Some people are so fucking ignorant!! Funny thing is- as society progresses it is people like him who will be chastised - and will probably expect the same acceptance they refuse to give others!


Aek said...

Gotta love those who stand up for you when you're gone. :-)

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