Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life, Love and Laugh

Isn't it funny sometimes after you break up, you realised how blind you actually become when you think you're in love. Yes, I had one of those with Clinton - I still do really like that boy, but I don't know how I thought our relationship would work in the first place. We were both such different individuals with very different interests and passions. I am driven and passionate about all the things I believe in, where as he was happy to be a consumer, getting a job, spending the money and finding the next boyfriend. He'd never admit mistakes and rather avoid than to say sorry.

He can be rather selfish as well and I had a go at him once a few months ago, and that improved our friendship.

On another note, long time no speak and so much has happened! I've traveled out of the country, over to Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide quite a number of times, I went to Mardi Gras in Sydney - one of the largest in the world - and I have made so many wonderful people and friends, including Ash which I spoke about a while ago. Ash had been such a supportive and loving friend I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay him what all the nurturing, support and love he has given me. I did not realise how much this has helped either until now as I look back at those times when I doubted myself, he was there planting seeds of belief and hope in me without me realising it. I have so much love, respect and admiration for him and he's given me nothing but only the best treatment.

While I was down in Sydney, I also met a boy called Troy. He's from Perth, which is like LA for you in the US, while I'm in Brisbane, which is like New York - geographically, definitely not in terms of vibrancy. I messaged him saying I don't really add people I don't know on Facebook and if he'd introduce himself. He wrote back a long message about how he's always heard about my name from conversations with his friends who are in the social change circle, so he'd love to know more about what I do. He told me what he's passionate about and what he loves doing.

I thought he was cool but didn't really pay much attention - I was busy as well at the time but when I arrived in Sydney, I updated my Facebook status saying that I'm in Sydney. He wrote to me saying that he's in Sydney as well, and I told him we can catch up if I have time but I cannot confirm anything at that point. On Friday, I texted him to meet up for brunch at 10.30am on Saturday morning, and brunch we did.

When he walked towards the table, I felt my heart skip a beat - no, not literally. He was gorgeous - much like the guy above except with blonde hair and brows and blue eyes. And then I slowly found out that he was gay as well and he was going to Mardi Gras that very night.

He canceled his lunch with his friend and we spoke all day before going shopping for his shorts. We parted ways around 4pm. I texted him to say it was great meeting him and if he wants to hang tonight to let me know. He said he was with his friend, but to cut long story short, he ditched his friends and we hung out for about 6 hours throughout the entire parade. It was an amazing parade! Then we parted ways, but we met up again on Monday morning for coffee, a long walk around beautiful Sydney, brunch and he dropped me off at the train station.

We've been texting, messaging on WhatsApp and emailing, but just last week, he met a boy. BAH!

But we're still close though, which is good. :)

Having said that, I'm out.


Mardi Gras was an experience like no other - although it was long (6 hours), I enjoyed every single minute, and it felt like it was only about an hour! I laughed, I had tear in my eye, I danced, I sang and I cheered like a crazy mofo with the other 400,000 people who lined the streets of Sydney.

From a bearded old man screaming and holding a placard that said, "I love and advocate for my gay son" to the contingent of openly gays from the defence force and the large contingent from the police.


Bobby Derrekson said...

Hi Mr. Aussie. I have to agree with you, Clinton and you were/are on two different wave lengths. It was apparent to me from reading a handful of his posts that he is searching for something still. I believe that you already have a good grasp on life and its just a matter of time until the right guy comes along. Unfortuately Clinton was not at this point.
Oh you look like you had some fun boy ;) we need to skype and you can tell me some stories :D

Mind Of Mine said...

Your summary on the Australia Mardi Gras festival really sums up most of my pride events.

Add lots of alcohol and drugs and its near perfect.

Aek said...

Glad to see you blog again, it's been too long. :-) You always seem to meet really interesting people in interesting places, hehe.

fan of casey said...

Aaron: Welcome back from your long sabbatical.

savante said...

YOu're back! Was hoping you'd hit it off with the new guy!

Seth said...

Hi! It's Sethboyardee here. Sorry to be rude and drop this comment here a bit selfish of me, but I've recently returned to blog land after being killed by Google and was hoping you could mention me, follow me, and especially link to me.


Also I will be rebuilding my link list so let me know if I can reciproacte. Thanks again!!

Nic said...

What ever happened to you and that hottie from Melbourne? You never really addressed your breakup. Can you please make a post and talk about that?

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