Saturday, May 14, 2011

Accidental Partner

"I feel lonely and I need a boy" says this guy sitting next to us at the club.

"You need to stop looking. It usually happens only when you're not looking," replied Lachlan.

And is he right or what. After breaking up with Clinton, I wasn't really keen to be in a relationship at least for a while.

Then 2 weeks before Troy came, I met up with Lachlan for coffee. A week and a half and several meetings later, we're still seeing each other.

Then came the coincidental incident of his friend John visiting him for a week, and Troy visiting me in the last few days that John was here. We didn't see each other for a few days, although I did meet John and Lachlan did meet Troy. Right after Troy left, we caught up and decided that we'll make our relationship official at least for until when I leave at the end of this month.

It's been a month now, and everything is going well so far. I've met some of his friends and he's met some of mine. He's met my housemates and they know him well now.

Everything seems natural, and I find a sense of comfort and trust with this boy, thankfully. I don't think we both put in much effort into this relationship, but everything seem to just work for whatever reason. He works full time, so we see each other on his lunch break or after work, almost 5 days a week - I wasn't overly comfortable with the idea initially, but surprisingly, we haven't got sick of each other yet.

He has a pretty big ego, he's not at all romantic and sometimes, however rarely, he slips into his cave of blankness where you can't read him and he becomes quiet. However I do realise now, those are the times when he needs his own little space or he's tired. Give him an hour or two and he'll be back to himself again.

It's the tiny thing he does that I find comfort in. Like the fact that he'll be honest with me about everything, he'll reach over and give my hand a squeeze every now and then wherever we are, and the fact that everything just seems effortless. Of course, there's the added bonus that he gives good cuddles and is very cuddle-able.

2 more weeks (14 days) and we bid each other adieu. We'll see how that goes.

Mr Crush thinks that I shouldn't trust him until we've spent at least a night together. For some reason, Lachlan isn't comfortable with the idea of spending a night together - I am not sure why. Hmm.. We'll see.


Bobby Derrekson said...

Aww Mr. Aussie :) your adventures make me smile and I'm very happy for you boy!

Aek said...

Glad things seem to be working out. Hopefully things extend further than the coming couple of weeks. :-)

Dean Grey said...


You have the best luck meeting guys, Aaron!

Send some of that luck my way. I'm in desperate need of it right now!


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