Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to Square One


The last 4 years have definitely been anything but boring. Sitting here on the dining table of Mr Crush, reading through all the posts from the last few years brings back memories and make me reflect on the ones never documented, almost forgotten.

4 years, 3 or so interesting "relationships", 1 relatively stable, 2-3 jobs, 4 different cities, at least 6 countries, a number of flings, boys, flirts and lusts, and an infinite amount of memorable moments later, I am back to square one. I am at the house of the best friend, and I just spoke to Troy an hour ago - after losing touch for various reasons due to life circumstance - reflecting on our lives and everything that was.

Being in and out of love was foreign until the last few years. It's been painful, inspiring, warm, challenging, hurtful, exciting and life-changing to quite an extent. To love and be loved is human and I've been incredibly fortunate to have shared it with many friends, family members and love ones.

And the past week has been one of those experience. What started as an innocent flirt over the phone quickly became a week of love and lust. He's just left for China for a month, and I am leaving for South East Asia in less than a week - making this trip to Brisbane a quick stopover.

As we bid goodbye, a familiar feeling of sadness and loss floods my exhausted mind and between those strong emotions I am reminded of all the love I have been fortunate to have received, which doesn't make it any easier.

Lying in the bed that we both have shared for the past week doesn't make it any easier either. From our instinctive actions of affection in bed to an evening with my friends, great memories were shared.

How will things progress from here, who knows.

Story of my life.


Biki Honko said...

Wow! Long time no hear! Glad to hear your doing well and as busy as usual, country hopper you!

Aek said...

It certainly has been a while, but glad to see a post. I hope you're doing well and have many bright moments coming up ahead.

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